Well Clinical Lab Denenchofu

Why Us?

1. Chiropractor + Specialist
At Well Clinical Lab Denenchofu, we have experts who are not only WHO standard chiropractors but
each of them are also experts in different fields such as pharmacy, nursing, nutrition.
We help you get healthier in many ways.

2.Recommendation from Experts And A Hospital Partnership
We have some recommendations from both experts abroad and local professionals. Also, we have a
partnership with Osada Orthopedic Clinic in Denenchofu. If your symptoms are inapplicable to
chiropractic treatments, we refer you to them for detailed examinations via x-ray and MRI.

3.Taking Care of Various Patients
Our knowledgeable staff consult, examine and provide chiropractic treatment.
Chiropractic treatment is not only for lower back pain and shoulder stiffness but also golfers
(or other athletes) who want toimprove their performance, elderly people, women after childbirth and children.

Effects Of Chiropractic Treatment

Treatable Symptoms

Lower back pain, shoulder stiffness,
headaches, neck pain, back pain, numbness of
the arms and legs, pain in the arms and feet
(or shoulder, elbow, hands, hip joints, knees,
legs, etc.), pelvis misalignment (adjustment),
pre- and post-childbirth discomfort, stress

Indirectly Reducible Symptoms
(Secondary Effects)

Indirectly Reducible Symptoms (Secondary Effects)
Improvement or reduction of: autonomic
imbalance, dizziness, insomnia, chronic fatigue,
common cold, high and low blood pressure,
sore shoulder, scoliosis, jaw problems,
menstruation-related symptoms, constipation,
diarrhea, internal organ deterioration, etc.

Preventative and Continual Care

Chiropractic treatment prevents aging
(anti-aging),sickness(immunity improvement)
and recurrence of symptoms. It’ s also
maintain good health, improve posture,
improve balance, improve performance(sports,
dance, etc.), relieve stress, pre- and
post-childbirth body adjustments and body
adjustments after a traffic accident.
This applies to athletes, the elderly, children
and pregnant mothers.

To patients

Acupuncture and chiropractic care are recognized as alternative medicine by the World Health
Organization. Also they issued the WHO guidelines on chiropractic education and safety in 2005.
Officially, it says that a chiropractic certification must include over 4 years of education, (4200 course
hours, including over 1000 hours of clinical training)
There are 44 chiropractic universities in 17 countries.
Chiropractors at Well Clinical Lab are certified by an international educational institution.
Even though there are over 30,000 chiropractors in Japan, there are only 850 people certified(around
3%) today.
In addition, we have chiropractors who are also national healthcare professionals such as nurses and
We support patients using many aspects of medicine and healthcare.
Please experience our international certified chiropractic care.

Differences between Seitai and Chiropractic Care

Unlike chiropractic care, seitai is non-standardized, and they are not academically organized.
However, there are some excellent seitai therapists. They incorporate good points from other healthcare
fields and from their own experience, so we can’ t judge which is better.
There are international standards in chiropractic education, so we recommend to see certified

Recognizing Contraindications (Red Flags)

Many patients have lower back pain, stiff shoulder and headaches. Also many women need pelvic
adjustments before and after childbirth. They are told that there are no problems by their orthopedic
doctors and are prescribed drugs such as painkillers and aspirin.
It is important to see a seitai therapist or chiropractor who can recognize contraindications.
Certified chiropractors learn about contraindications in school.
So, if you are not supposed to get chiropractic treatment and need to see a medical doctor, we can let
you know.

The First Visit

There are so many chiropractic offices. It can be difficult for patients to recognize which one to visit.
You can find WHO standard chiropractic offices from here.
Japan Chiropractic Registers
WHO Chiropractic Colleges in The World

Our Goal And Philosophy

Teaching the importance of body maintenance to enable an ongoing healthy life.
Our mission is to teach the importance of body maintenance and to help improve your “Quality of Life.”
Recently, people are getting interested in their own health, but they don’ t know exactly what to do.
This is because each person has a different concept of health. Moreover, people don’ t get professional
advice to reach their health goals.
Our goal is to make people healthy in regards to 3 aspects: biological, psychological and social.
Chiropractic theory was developed in the United States over 100 years ago. It is now legislated in 44
countries and regions.
The World Health Organization (WHO) lists chiropractic care as a complementary alternative medicine,
along with acupuncture and moxibustion.
Alternative medicine exists as complimenting Western medicine, and it helps people get healthier in many ways.

Reliable Professionals

At Well Clinical Lab Denenchofu, we have experts who are not only WHO standard chiropractors but each
of them are also an expert in a different field such as pharmacy, nursing or nutrition.
We help you get healthier in many ways. If your symptoms are inapplicable to chiropractic treatment, we
can refer you to a local hospital for detailed examinations via x-ray and MRI.
There aren’ t many offices like us in Japan. We customize our care to each person. So please come and
experience what we have to offer.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic theory was developed in the United States over 100 years ago. It is now legislated in 44
countries and regions.
The World Health Organization (WHO) lists chiropractic care as a complementary alternative medicine,
along with acupuncture and moxibustion.
Chiropractic treatment activates the nervous system without use of drugs. By doing so, the natural
healing power that humans have helps people get well. Nerves pass through the spine from the brain to
the entire body . When the spine is misaligned, it causes the nerve transmission to be blocked at the point
where the nerve exits the spine.
It is called SUBLUXATION in chiropractic terms. A subluxation adjustment can improve the nervous

Treatment Steps


Before we examine or treat your body, it is vital that we have an
in-depth discussion with the patient.


Using the information we gathered during the interview, we
examine your body closely.
During this step, we make sure your body needs chiropractic
treatment by checking your posture, muscle strength, nervous
system, etc.


We explain our diagnosis of your body. We start the treatment
after we make sure that you feel comfortable with our


Well Clinical Lab is committed to providing the best care for each person.
We have techniques for people of all ages, so you can receive
treatment safely and comfortably.


We give advice regarding stretching, strength-training, eating
habits and other topics when necessary.
Also, to maintain good health, we recommend getting
chiropractic treatment regularly.


Q: Does the treatment hurt?
A: We adjust joints to improve the function of the nervous system. You may hear a cracking noise but there is
no pain. if you are worried about it, we can use other methods that don’ t cause any noise.

Q: What kind of symptoms is chiropractic care effective in treating?
A: WChiropractic care is effective in treating symptoms from the neuromuscular skeletal system, especially lower
back pain, shoulder stiffness, neck pain, hip joint pain and numbness in various body parts.
Chiropractic care is called “pre-symptomatic state medicine,” so it is effective in preventing symptoms before
they appear.
Many patients come to us for this type of preventative care.
Feel free to tell us about your symptoms.

Q: What Are WHO Standard Chiropractors?
A: WHO standard chiropractors are required to complete a program which is over 4200 hours of basic science
and clinical training. Chiropractors learn about patient safety.
They also learn to indent ivy red flags for medical conditions such as cancer, fractures, ligament injuries, etc.
There are no legal regulations in Japan but there are legal regulations regarding chiropractor licenses in other


First examination fee: 1,500yen
Treatment fee: 6,500yen

Refund Policy
If you are dissatisfied with yr fist visit, it is possible to receive a refund. This is because I would like you to feel
comfortable. If you decide that you want a refund within two weeks, please send an email including your bank account
number to this address: k.chiropractic.11@gmail.com . We will reply and transfer the full refund amount within a week.
However, if you get a second treatment, this policy will no longer apply.